Faculty Profile

Departmental Faculties of Master of Business Administration (MBA):

Dr. S. S. Sabnis
  • Name: Dr. S. S. Sabnis
  • Designation: Professor, H.O.D.
  • Qualification: M. Sc (Microbiology), MBA, PGDMM, PGDGSM, SMP09(EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP) IIM Calcutta, PhD(Commerce and Management)
  • Name: Dr.P.V.Deshmukh
  • Designation: Assist. Prof.
  • Qualification: B.Sc., DBM, MBA, Ph.D.
Dr. Yashodip Rajendra Patil.
  • Name: Dr. Yashodip Rajendra Patil.
  • Designation: Asst. Prof
  • Qualification: B.Sc (Agri),MBA, Ph.D.(Business Administration)
Mr. Chandravadan Anant Bachhav
  • Name: Mr. Chandravadan Anant Bachhav
  • Designation: Asst. Prof.
  • Qualification: Phd (Commerce & Management, Pursuing), UGC-NET, MH-SET, Diploma in Labour Laws & Labour Welfare, MBA (Marketing), B. Sc. (Electronics)
Ms. Minal Sharad Mistri
  • Name: Ms. Minal Sharad Mistri
  • Designation: Asst. Prof.
  • Qualification: MBA Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Resume: Download
Mrs. Rani Thomas
  • Name: Mrs. Rani Thomas
  • Designation: Asst. Prof.
Mrs. Pallavi Ravindra Patil
  • Name: Mrs. Pallavi Ravindra Patil
  • Designation: Asst. Prof.
  • Qualification: D. Ed, B. Sc (Chemistry), MBA (HR)