Arranging the communication skill development Training for Students

Our college RCPIPER believes in philosophy that students are the most essential and crucial stakeholder and all essential efforts are made to make them professionally and socially competent, so special efforts are made in this context, it was observed that employers look for skills and attributes in two broad areas: defining skills (technical skills) and enabling skills (soft skills). In our institute Students from a diverse socio-economic and academic background are enrolled annually. Based on the assessment of learning levels, it was observed that student’s needs special assistance in development of communication skills, To render the students globally proficient and employable, to enhance the technical competence of students, to encourage students for highly changing scenario of job and so special training programs are organized.

The following efforts and initiatives are taken by the Institute to train students.

Communication Skill & English language Improvement:

A group of professional trainers having huge experience in English language teaching and commutations skill development are hired and modules are developed for first to final year students according to their requirements, and continuous inception of the programmes throughout the year is done. Language Voice and Accent Training is conducted to make student competent to work in professional environment, an initiative for endowing the students with better placement opportunities in top leading organizations and enrolment for Higher Education.

Soft Skills:

Professional trainers are hired to train students to enrich their skills and help them secure a career trajectory through extensive aptitude training sessions, group discussion, personal interview techniques, resume writing skills, corporate etiquettes, e-networking etc. Personal Interview sessions were also conducted which include personality development comprising aspects such as attire and dress codes, greeting, gestures, postures, confidence & preparation for the anticipated questions.

Add on Training workshops:

Rigorous training and preparation of the students is taken care to create awareness about current market trends, leadership/team building qualities and entrepreneurial opportunities the college has organized guest lectures Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp wherein entrepreneurs and industry experts shared their insights with the students. The college has organized training sessions for students with regard to opportunities in higher education and preparation for GPAT examinations. The students are duly certified after the successful completion of the training.

The students experienced improvement in their English language helps in multi-dimensional aspects ranging from help in their theory exams, Practical viva-voce, job interviews, Professional life, also in competitive examinations, It helped in identifying the areas of improvement, Institutions had proposed action plan in their implementation report for improvements in communication skills, infrastructure, learning resources, facilities and support system etc which also served as an input during the programme review.