Department of Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Department of Master of Business Administration (MBA)

“Excellence in applied pedagogy & probity“

“शुद्ध –श्रेष्ठ– अनुप्रयोगेन अध्यापनं शिक्षाशास्त्रम्“


To establish a center of excellence for interdisciplinary academic, business education & research creating responsible, morally rooted contributing professionals and citizens


To establish a center of excellence in health sciences academics, business education to create responsible, morally rooted contributing professionals and citizens


India has established a unique space in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology and life-sciences domain in the contemporary world. The country has achieved pioneering milestones in manufacturing, R&D, economical viability in operations & commercialization, clinical trials management, regulatory and intellectual property management.

RCPIPER (R.C. Patel Institute Of Pharmaceutical Education & Research) has a legacy of pharmaceutical education and research since last 30 years. In this span of three decades, it has a strong foundation with completion of more than 45 sponsored research projects, more than Rs. 850 lakhs in project grants, more than 2700 number of strong alumni association, rewarded with more than 85 gold medals, more than 800 publications, 80 faculties with more than 40 PhDs, more than 800 publications in high-impact journals, more than 18 MOUs with academia & leading pharmaceutical industries, commercial & academic patents and more than 1100 university rankers.

To complement this growth story, we from RCPIPER have introduced a 2-year full time MBA (Pharmaceutical Management). The course is affiliated with the esteemed Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University (KBCNMU),Jalgaon; accredited by AICTE, New Delhi with a prestigious autonomous status granted by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

Masters in Business Administration in Pharmaceutical Management, i.e., MBA (Pharmaceutical Management) at RCPIPER has a unique pedagogy following a “Hybrid curriculum” to create “ Hi-Breeds” in academics and industry. Therefore, creating sharp, value-rooted yet modest humble minds, i.e., “High-breeds” with “Hybrid- curriculum” for successes in the rough demanding offline & the online world.

The MBA (Pharmaceutical Management) program at the R.C. Patel institute of pharma management admits 120 students each year. The incoming students are expected to have degrees in Pharmaceutical sciences, Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Ayurveda, Allopathic Medicine systems of education or Engineering biotechnology systems. Kindly see eligibility for details. We welcome national as well as international students.