Best Practice 1

Best Practice 1

Creating and Caring for Healthy Life!


  • To enhance quality of life in society.
  • To inculcate social values and responsibilities.
  • To organize social events for promoting holistic development of society.
  • To create opportunities for the students for social interactions.
  • To strengthen team work amongst students and encourage participation.

The Context

WHO promotes concept of high quality life; Being pharmacy institute we develop responsible and accountable pharmacists. Our prime social objective is to create awareness in the existing tribal population and extending care that lead to healthy and quality life.

The social activities play a vital role in the development of human values in students. It boosts confidence and teaches to co-operate and work with people in different conditions. They learn to face the challenges that come in educational and career life through extension and outreach programs; we sensitize the students to develop social values, their responsibilities and knowledge towards societal issues and engaging them to be involved with the people of the community. Students with profound interest attain the social values and responsibility. Above all, the students get hold of social justice, values, responsibility and sustainability. While pursuing these activities in college along with education, students learn prioritization and time management skills too. These academically and co-circularly talented students have well-groomed personality, which helps them to face the world in a better way.

The Practice:

To achieve the objectives ,we visits different villages and render their social services to the community by organizing “Health Awareness Camps” includes Awareness of Hygiene during Menstruation, Prevalence of Malnutrition in Children, Dengue and Malaria Awareness, TB Awareness- Street Play, Social Activity at Ashram School on occasion of World Tribal Day, Street play on Road Safety, Investigation of Cognitive Development in the students of Tribal region, Lung function Test in adolescent students, Stress Management among Adolescent girls. For conducting such activities, we trained our students for pharmacy practice.

These students are engaged in the extension activities. Further, we have collaboration with 100 bed Indira Memorial Hospital, Lioness Club and some other organizations where we conduct different Health check-up camps includes Estimation of Hemoglobin, Blood Group Detection, Blood Pressure Measurement, Estimation of BMI, metabolic syndrome, Estimation of lipid profile, Estimation of Blood Sugar etc.

Evidence of Success

The Institute has observed successful outcomes in Social Activities in the last few years;

  • The Institute has observed successful outcomes in Social Activities in the last few years;
  • More than 500 girl students benefitted from programs includes personal hygiene during menstruation.
  • Blood donation camp organized every year collects more than 200 units. This program is organized on the occasion of birthday of trust President.
  • Every year, more than 100 students benefitted from blood group and hemoglobin detection camps
  • The success of the programs is noted by print and electronic media.

Problems encountered and resources required

Availability of limited funds/ Funding sources for organizing such activities.

  • To get the maximum and active participation from tribal people.
  • Poor literacy.

Title – Striving for Excellence: A path through research! Objectives of the practice:

  • To encourage the students, research scholars, faculty for research.
  • To create a platform for innovative and novel research ideas.
  • To generate funds to boost research activities and other required facilities.
  • To encourage faculty members to participate and present their research papers in National and International Conferences/Seminars/Workshops/Symposiums.
  • To produce quality publications (articles in UGC listed journals, journals with good repute/impact factor), patents and consultancy.

The Context:

As per our Vision and Mission, we strive to excel in Pharmaceutical education and research. We aimed to prepare our students to play crucial role in development of society. In the development any country, science and technology play an important role. As our country is developing nation, promotion of research is very crucial. This could be achieved, only by enabling the researchers by focusing on their core research work with a support system and helping them to gain the necessary funding, required facilities and sufficient time for research work. Therefore, promotion of research is a need of the time. The college initiates research activities through the motivation, and providing basic research facilities to the faculty and the students.

The Practice:

  • The institute has Research and Development Cell and Research Advisory Committee which monitors and promotes research activities at the institute and responsible for continuous improvements in the quality of research of each department.
  • The research work carried out by the students and faculties in the institute are critically monitored and supervised by their respective research guides and reviewed by the Research Committee as and when required.
  • Faculty members are encouraged to participate and present their research papers in National and International Conferences/Seminars/Workshops/Symposiums
  • The college provides computing and internet facility, e-journals, etc. for research scholars and teachers.
  • We practice and promote scientific ethics through the screening of research reports through plagiarismX software.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in AVISHKAR research convention organized by University for developing their research attitude.

Evidence of success

The Institute has observed successful outcomes in research in the last few years.

  • More than 40 faculty members have been awarded with a Ph.D. degree.
  • Many faculties are approved research guides/supervisors at university.
  • More than 700 research papers published in the journals notified by UGC, and International level of journals and in conferences/workshops/symposiums, with large number of citations
  • More than 800 lakhs of research grants received to institute.
  • More than 100 Major and Minor funded research projects completed/ongoing during the last five years.
  • Many Students and faculties won various prizes in State level Avishkar competition

Problems encountered and resources required

  • The continued motivation of the student and the faculty is always a challenge
  • All the concern departments have established their own research domain, but there is a need for multidisciplinary research.
  • More research funding needs to be generated for the advancement and growth in R & D activities of the institute.